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Richard: It appears that you are commenting on another comment to my article, rather than my article itself. Am I correct?

Richard Willner


I respect you as you are a national authority in Health care Law as well as regarding Physician Peer Review.

I am a great fan of your blog and I never miss an article. But, as a man who has worked for 12 years with specialists who were sham peer reviewed, you and I part company on some of your conclusions in this article.

I always ask a doctor under peer review "how many malpractice suits have you had?" The answer is almost always, "NEVER". So, a specialist who has a sparkling reputation often for decades suddenly went bad? And, this same doctor is in good standing at the other hospitals that he has privileges at?

I always wonder how many med mal suits the other doctors have?

Richard Willner
[email protected]


Original Opinion of January 8, 1997, Reported at: 1997 Fla. App. LEXIS 685.Spencer v. State, 615 So. 2d 688 (Fla. 1993) (requiring additional evidentiary hearing be held after the jury makes a sentence recommendation, to afford the defendant, defense counsel, and the State an opportunity to be heard and present additional evidence).It appearing to the Court that it is without jurisdiction, the Petition for Review is hereby dismissed. Jenkins v. State, 385 So. 2d 1356 (Fla. 1980).469 US 873469 U.S. 873;105 S Ct 228105 S. Ct. 228;83 L Ed 2d 15783 L. Ed. 2d 157;1984 US LEXIS 3611984 U.S. LEXIS 361;53 USLW 324153 U.S.L.W. 3241Editorial Information: Prior History SUPREME COURT OF FLORIDAOn cross-appeal, the Silvas argue that Club Boca was not entitled to any set-off for settlements with prior co-defendants, as they were not pled as Fabre non-parties, placed on the verdict form, nor determined by the jury to be liable. We affirm based on D'Angelo.Under the charter to the Bermudian corporation, the charterers hired the vessel for a period of one year with an option to renew for up to two additional periods of six months. The charter permits the vessel to be employed in trade between ports in the Caribbean, including the United States, "as the Charterers shall direct." Carib-USA provides the crew for the vessel, but the charterer can request changes upon complaint by the owner. Carib-USA receives $ 60,000 per month in Bahamian currency from the charterer for the lease of the vessel, which is wired from Tropical Shipping's Bahamian bank and deposited in Carib-USA's Bahamian accounts. There is no forum selection clause in the contract, but disputes are to be arbitrated in New York.Counsel John P. Brooks of Jones & Langdon, P.A., Gainesville, for Appellant.Opinion


Under Fla. Stat. ch. 768.21(6)(b), a hospital lien can only attach where the estate of the decedent in any action it might bring against the tort-feasor is entitled to recover for medical expenses. Orlando Regional Medical Center, Inc. v. Estate of Heron, 596 So.2d 1078, 1992 Fla. App. LEXIS 1847 (Feb. 28, 1992), review denied by 604 So.2d 487, 1992 Fla. LEXIS 1559 (Fla. 1992). It was error to deny motion to suppress evidence where police lacked reasonable suspicion to stop defendant; police were required, under Fla. Stat. ch. 901.151(2), to articulate a reasonable belief that defendant had committed, was committing, or was about to commit a criminal offense. Davis v. State, 606 So.2d 460, 1992 Fla. App. LEXIS 10594 (Oct. 12, 1992). Insurance Law : Claims & Contracts : Costs & Attorney Fees : General Overview
Governments : Legislation : Statutes of Limitations : Time Limitations

Gursheel S. Dhillon

It is not uncommon to see "non-Caucasian" doctors picked on by their Caucasian counter-parts especially in the South

The exact same issue occurred with me and the Hospital conspired with medical board to attack my licence.

I have set up a Discrimination in Health Care Group on Linked In and would like everyone who has faced discrimination to join.

I know that unfortunately it does link the complainant on social network however if we don't do this then there is no impetus for change.

Pooja, my family was destroyed and it goes much further than that, in the Asian Community Reputation is everything and when a doctor loses his licence the whole family faces embarrassment and my parents have been devestated.


Thank you for your comment. I am afraid that your circumstance is all too common. You may also be interested in my recent book on Sham Peer Review. See

Physician underdistress

As a young physician and with an independent practice I was placed under a unfair peer review. The motives of this review were not clear to me and the scrutiny and case review did not make much sense. Now I am faced with a situation of a report due to a precautionary suspension. You would think that a physician would be judged by his outcomes and not by a lack of documentation. My patients love me and despite the allegations of this hospital my referrals continue to send me patients. I work at other hospitals, which did not see the issues that this institution saw. I was told by my peers at that institution that I was being picked on and that they perceived a turf issue. In a short period of time at that institution I became popular and was seen as a one stop shop. I applied all that I learned and my personal skills surely helped in the growth of my practice. I really can not believe what has happened to me and I am afraid for the future of my young family and my career that has been my devotion and love.


the info which are u spreading is so nice where these things to be kept in the mind

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