• Gregory R. Piche'
    3144 Newton Street
    Denver, CO 80211

Areas of Practice

  • Healthcare Consulting
    Peer Review Proceedings
    Hospital/Physician Relationships
    Medicare/Medicaid Audits

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James Guertin

EMR is a good thing. For one, we’d be able to know if we are healthy or not, if we see that we aren’t, then we can go to our doctors to be treated. Also EMRs can be accessed immediately from the server, so you don’t need to call your old hospital to ask for the files, and/or the hospital won’t have to call the last hospital you were admitted to. This will save precious time and resources -- which are both vital to saving a person’s life.

Electronic Health Records

Isn't it possible for the benefits of Electronic Health records out weigh the suspected increase in costs? I feel it is necessarily for more precise records. The new advances in electronic health records benefit every aspect of the medical field. EHRs are easily accessible to the medical field professionals. Time is saved which can inevitably lead to saving lives.

Electronic Medical Records

Hi, nice, informative post, thanks!

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